Fall - Winter '17

We ventured on a little trip down memory lane to look a familiar city but in a different vein. It was the Art Deco wave of the 1930s in Bombay that laid the foundation to a modern take on design. Drawing inspiration from Bombay city and it's thriving, albeit underground Art Deco scene, Iyla's Fall Winter Collection emulates the Geometric language of curvatures, lines, squares, ziggurats synonymous of the Art Deco style, translating them in the textiles, garment patterns and silhouettes.  

Long and streamlined silhouettes created to present a slender form against contrasting sharp hues of deep midnight blues, scarlet red, smokey grey and classic monochromes with minimal design details and accents. 

Fall Winter’17 is our play out of the deco element with a conscious contemporary sentiment echoed in our hand looms and style lines. Feminine, vibrant with a hint of romance, forms the mood this festive season.