Take the silent road
Glittering starlights in the sky
Travel to a place 
Where the light shines through the crack
Take shelter by a cove
For a whisper lost in time
Echoes through the air
We were so young we never cared
Feel the wind that breathes you easy
Feel the waterfall run down your back
Watch the skylight fade to black 

IYLA Spring-Summer'18 plays with the idea of crossroads as an emotion -a style language: Juxtaposing the pensive with the playful in summer dresses and day time chic tailoring in lush Handloom cotton weaves. A softer direction for the summer, we've embraced a clean sense of ease in the garments. Fluid & Light. Quiet monochromes with clinical checks and running lines played against calm tones of sea green and a spiced earthy red.

Classic tailoring details in unique weaves with stitch line details, highlighted with pleats and folds. Clothing that contrast the complexities of urban living and celebrates the sanctity of the calm within.